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Saundersfoot: 01834 813188   Haverfordwest: 01437 762057

Qudo Famosa Ring Base Stainless Steel Veroli


A choice between broad or slender ring base in stainless steel, 14t yellow gold and 14t rose gold. Very cool for stacking. 350 different gem tops!

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Qudo Famosa Rings

Qudo Famosa Ring Base Stainless Steel Slender

Choose from the selection of broad or slim ring styles. Add your choice of easily to twist on and off, interchangeable ring tops with colours and styles to suit your taste, mood and outfit. Brilliant!

Crafted from high-grade, easy care special stainless steel which is beautifully finished with a durable coating of either sterling silver or rose gold. Combined with the stunning colourful Swarovski-Crystal, there are no boundaries to your creativity.

A beautiful and cleverly designed range that allows easy interchanging of styles and looks, with a choice of nearly 350 different gem tops options on 3 metal finishes in 2 different width ring mounts. Simply twist screw them on and off. Available in 3 metal finishes, stainless steel, 14ct gold and 14ct rose gold IP coating.

This Qudo ring stacks to let you design a wonderful fashion statement and be the envy of your friends.



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